To Your Health
December, 2009 (Vol. 03, Issue 12)
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3 Ways to Shake the Blues

Nutrition - fruits - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Nutrition

Depression is often associated with or made worse by poor eating habits; people who worry about their food choices or who gain weight as a result are less likely to feel good about themselves, which plants the seeds for poor self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Skipping meals, overeating and other unhealthy eating tactics only increase the chances you'll feel depressed.

Relaxation - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Relaxation

Some experts believe depression is a reaction to stress and resultant anxiety; when people get overwhelmed and see "danger" in the form of a stressful situation lurking around every corner, they may become depressed as a coping mechanism. Depression also seems to be preceded or accompanied by anxiety, which underscores the value of finding ways to limit stress.


Exercise shoes - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Evidence suggests physical activity increases the body's ability to tolerate stress and affects the nervous system and neurohormones involved in emotion and mood. Consistent exercise also increases positive self-perception and general sense of well-being, reducing the likelihood that feelings of anxiety, negativity and depression will rear their ugly heads.