To Your Health
June, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 06)
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3 Ways to Live Longer

By Editorial Staff

Cigarette butt - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Clean Air

An ever-increasing body of research and realworld experiences tells the sad story of how smoking can lead to catastrophic disease and shorten your life (and sometimes even the lives of those around you) dramatically. Consider that according to a recent study, you are likely to live at least four years longer if you never smoke compared to if you puff away. Clean air, clean lungs, longer life.

Basketball - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Activity

What happens in the absence of movement? If it's pictures on a shelf, dust gathers. If it's a job lacking new challenges or progress, stagnation can set in. In terms of your body, lack of movement causes fat to accumulate and disease processes to begin. The study referenced in the clean air piece above suggests you'll live at least three years longer if you participate in regular physical activity.

Safe Weight

Man on scale - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Maintaining a healthy weight can also increase your lifespan, says the same study. Expect your life expectancy to increase by more than one year if you maintain a healthy weight. Doesn't sound like much? It is if you consider that unhealthy weight can cause years of progressively worsening physical and emotional pain. Why suffer when you can enjoy a long, healthy life?