To Your Health
August, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 08)
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3 Ways to Ward Off Cancer

By Editorial Staff

dumb bells - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Off the Couch

Couch potato syndrome, as it's called, leads to two unhealthy behaviors, according to research (and experience): excessive snacking and inadequate movement.

This is a dangerous combination, in that both behaviors are linked to an increased risk of cancer. The simple solution: Get off that couch and do a little exercise - now that's a one-two punch that will leave cancer reeling.

vagetables - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Cool It Down

When foods, particularly carbohydrates (potatoes, etc.) and meat, are cooked at high temperatures, carcinogens are formed, known to increase cancer risk. Essentially, what happens is that the high temperature alters the chemical structure of the food, be it deep-fried French fries or hamburgers. And barbequing foods to the point that they "blacken" only adds fuel to the cancer fire.

light bulb - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Lights Out

The sun may be your friend when it comes to ensuring adequate vitamin D intake, but when it comes to skin cancer, it's your mortal enemy. Skin cancer is unique in that in almost all cases, we are fully aware of its cause and method of prevention. The cause is sun exposure, and the preventative measure is limiting such exposure. So stay out of the light and turn the lights out on skin cancer.