To Your Health
September, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 09)
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It's Great to Be Gardening

By Editorial Staff

If you think gardening (the produce-yielding variety) is reserved for people with vast acreage and limited or no access to grocery stores and other modern conveniences, keep in mind that a garden begins with nothing more than a handful of soil, a few drops of water and the seeds of your favorite garden delicacy.

Here are five reasons to develop your green thumb if you're not already doing so.


Unless your diet is already organic-only, you stand to benefit immensely from a well-tended garden that doesn't rely on pesticides and other chemicals. A little love and attention will yield fresh fruit and vegetables absolutely bursting with nutrition and flavor.


Even the most generous produce company can't begin to compete with the low price of home-grown fruits and vegetables; just spend a little money on proper soil and some seeds, and you're on your way.


When was the last time you were in the middle of preparing dinner and realized you were missing a key ingredient? If that missing ingredient is something grown in your own garden, then the store is no farther than your own backyard.


gardening - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Gardening is great family fun, and it's so much more rewarding (and less expensive) than another trip to the movie theater or a new video game. Stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors and watch seeds turn to sprouts turn to food on the table. How cool is that?


In general, people like to continually grow, learn and improve. Gardening gives you and your children an irreplaceable lesson in self-sufficiency and empowerment. Among other things, you learn that the best-tended garden often yields the best crop, something no book can teach.