To Your Health
January, 2011 (Vol. 05, Issue 01)
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3 Steps to More Energy

rise and shine - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Rise & Shine

If you aren't an early riser and think the best way to increase energy is to stay in bed until noon or so, you're missing out. Try rising with the sun on a more consistent basis and see how much more you accomplish (and how much energy you have doing it). Start the day with a brisk walk followed by a balanced meal, and your body and mind will be energized for the rest of the day.

great escape - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Great Escape

There are countless energy sappers in life, but the way to fend them all off and retain energy throughout the day is to escape. Get away from the stress of your workload, the noise of the television, the constant demands of the kids. How do you possibly do that? Schedule time, whether it's a five-minute escape from your desk every few hours or an hour of mandated quiet time at home.

Wind Down

wind down - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark No matter how much energy you start with and how well you replenish it, by day's end, most people are exhausted. And mental and physical exhaustion can actually cause poor sleep, inadequate sleep or no sleep at all. The solution: wind down every night with a good book, your favorite music, a soothing bath, or even a calm review of the day with your significant other (or yourself).