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February, 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 02)
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Prevent A Stroke With Vitamin C

There are many benefits to taking vitamin C, now researchers have added an additional one that can save your life. According to recent study, making sure you get enough vitamin C could help protect you from stroke.

Research presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology shows that risk of hemorrhagic stroke is lower among people who have normal vitamin C levels, compared with people with depleted vitamin C levels.

According to the study, researchers tested vitamin C blood levels of 65 people who had experienced an intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke, as well as the vitamin C blood levels of healthy people who had not suffered a stroke. Among all the people, 45 percent had normal vitamin C levels and 45 percent had depleted vitamin C levels. Fourteen percent of people had vitamin C levels so low they were considered deficient. However, researchers found that the ones who had normal vitamin C levels were the ones who hadn't had a stroke, while the ones with depleted vitamin C levels were the ones who had a stroke.

Previous studies have linked vitamin C with stroke prevention.

If you are looking to get more vitamin C in your diet, look for it in healthy vegetables like broccoli and some fruits such as oranges and lemon. Talk to your doctor about stroke prevention and how many milligrams of vitamin C you should be taking a day.