To Your Health
June, 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 06)
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Obesity Shortens Your Life

While there are numerous health risks to being overweight, the net result can be a shorter lifespan.

A recent study in the American Journal of Public Health found "compared with normal-weight adults, obese adults had at least 20% significantly higher rate of dying of all-cause or CVD (cardiovascular disease). These rates advanced death by 3.7 years (grades II and III obesity) for all-cause mortality and between 1.6 (grade I obesity) and 5.0 years (grade III obesity) for CVD-specific mortality."

The study examined the association of body mass index with all-cause and cardiovascular disease (CVD)–specific mortality risks among US adults and calculated the rate advancement period by which death is advanced among the exposed groups.

These findings highlight the impact of the obesity epidemic on mortality risk and premature deaths among US adults. If you are overweight, talk to your doctor about potential health risks.