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December, 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 12)
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The High Cost of Childhood Food Allergies

By Editorial Staff

We all know the physical impact of food allergies can range from a variety of unpleasant symptoms to a life-threatening experience. But what about the economic burden of food allergies, particularly childhood food allergies? It's steep, to say the least.

According to a study in Pediatrics, the overall economic cost of childhood food allergies in the United States approaches $25 billion annually. Here are some of the other eye-opening cost data gleaned from the study:

  • Direct medical costs: $4.3 billion annually
  • Family-borne costs: $20.5 billion annually
  • Out-of-pocket costs: $5.5 billion annually

childhood allergies - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The family-borne costs may be the most alarming, since they include the estimated costs attributable to reduced work opportunities for parents forced to care for their allergic child. That means even when insurance covers the costs of treating an allergic child, you're paying (or more appropriately, not being paid) for taking time off work to care for them.

Do any of your children suffer from food allergies? Have they been properly diagnosed, much less treated with more than over-the-counter anti-allergenic medications? What about you? Do you suffer from food allergies as well? Click here for more information about food allergies, and talk to your doctor for tips on how to keep your family safe, naturally.