To Your Health
December, 2023 (Vol. 17, Issue 12)
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The Dangers of Unhealthy Snacking

By Editorial Staff

Think you're a healthy eater? If it's only at the big three meals every day, you're on the right path – but not if the snacks you eat in between those meals aren't healthy. In fact, according to research, your unhealthy snacking could be undoing all the good you're doing with healthy main meals.

More than 850 adults served as the study group, with participants self-reporting their eating habits (primary meals and snacks between primary meals). Snacking frequency, quality and timing were then correlated with various blood markers. Overall, 95% of participants consumed snacks (average of 2.28 snacks per day), with nearly half "discordant for meal and snack quality" (meaning their snack quality was lower, health wise, than their meal quality).

Unhealthy Snacking - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Consumption of unhealthier snacks was associated with higher blood markers for fasting triglycerides, fasting insulin and insulin resistance compared to consumption of healthier snacks. Overall, 74% of snacking calories and 18% of total daily calories came from unhealthy foods.

What's your snacking profile? How many snacks do you consume per day – and how healthy are they compared to your main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? If your snacking is on the unhealthy side, your body is sure to suffer. Talk to your doctor for more information.