To Your Health
January, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 01)
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Start the Year With an Energy Boost

By Editorial Staff

Are you sapped from the holidays? Down in the 2015 dumps? Trudging off to the same job, same hectic schedule and same unmotivating lifestyle you survived in 2014? Give yourself a lift with these energy-boosting tips for the new year:

  • Get back on track: Regardless of whether your December 2014 was stressful, joyful or somewhere in between, one thing's for certain: it took a considerable amount of energy, even if you didn't realize it at the time. Start the new year by getting back on schedule; your body and mind need it. That means more than just getting back int he gym if you took a few weeks off, or re-establishing your diet after "cheating" over the holidays. Think about resetting your sleep schedule, getting your bills in order (e.g., paying off those holiday credit-card bills), and essentially getting "back to business." December was fun, but trust us, it took a lot out of you.

  • Change the pace: At the same time you're getting back on track, don't overlook the chance to make a few changes for the better. How did 2014 work out for you? This is the time to review the past year and institute small (or even big) changes that can drastically improve your energy levels and outlook on life. Is it time for a new job? Update your resume and do a little market research. Time to buy a first (or next) home? Evaluate your ability to do so. What about a new hobby or activity you've always wanted to try? You'll be amazed at how much energy you gain when you're motivated by a few positive changes.

  • energy boost - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Play catch-up: If there's one thing just about everyone didn't get enough of in December, it was that five-letter word we all take for granted: sleep. Unfortunately, sleep - restful, restorative sleep - go hand in hand. Commit to taking a short nap every weekend for the next few weeks, along with going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Your body and mind worked overtime in December; reward them before they turn on you and zap all your energy.

  • Create a plan: December was all about planning - the holiday dinner party, what gifts to buy, what stores to go to - a long list of plans that hopefully brought you happiness. But what happens now? It's January - and the holiday season seems awfully far away, doesn't it? Not so fast. Start 2015 by brainstorming, researching and then scheduling great things to do throughout the year: a baseball game, a family vacation, a cooking class, etc. Mark it down on your calendar so you're reminded every day what's approaching. Feel your energy soar as you look forward to the next opportunity to "get away" from the daily grind.