To Your Health
May, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 05)
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Breathe Easy With Vitamin D

By Editorial Staff

Vitamin D keeps making headlines – and for all the right reasons. An increasing body of research suggests vitamin D is invaluable when it comes to our health; check out this overview of the vitamin's benefits for the long list of reasons you should ensure adequate vitamin D intake on a daily basis.

The latest kudos: A study suggests children who don't get enough vitamin D have reduced lung function compared to children with sufficient blood levels of the vitamin.

Researchers tested children ages 5-18 and found that "the mean forced vital capacity (breathing in) was 53.4 mL, and the mean forced expiratory volume (breathing out) in 1 second was 48.2 mL lower for children with insufficient serum 25(OH)D (vitamin D) levels compared with those with sufficient 25(OH)D (vitamin D) levels." One more reason to ensure your kids get the nutrition they need. Talk to your doctor for more information on the many benefits of vitamin D and the best way to ensure optimal daily intake.