To Your Health
December, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 12)
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Crib Safety 101: Avoid the Bumpers

By Editorial Staff

Could concerned parents who think they're protecting their babies from harm actually be putting them at risk? The American Academy of Pediatrics is leading the charge in advising parents not to use crib bumpers of any type, citing an increased risk of infant death.

According to available data, crib bumper-related deaths have tripled in the past seven years, with 77 deaths possibly related to their use between 1985 and 2012.

A 2015 study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Pediatrics, which evaluated bumper-related deaths since 1985, "bumpers caused 48 suffocations, 67% by a bumper alone, not clutter, and 33% by wedgings between a bumper and another object."

If these disturbing statistics come as news to you, get ready for another shocker: Back in 2012, Consumer Reports included crib bumpers on its "13 Dangerous Baby Products to Avoid" list – yet here they are, still available for purchase in baby stores and other outlets near you. As you might expect, the industry considers baby bumpers safe when used correctly – but are you willing to take that chance? Learn more by clicking here.