To Your Health
March, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 03)
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Another Reason to Drink Enough Water

By Editorial Staff

Why does water matter? Besides the fact that it makes up the majority of your body, drinking more of it on a daily basis can help support your healthy eating habits. For example, a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics earlier this year found a 1 percent increase in water intake impacted daily intake of calories, sugar, sodium and cholesterol – in a good way.

Specifically, that simple daily increase in plain water intake reduced calorie (8.58 fewer), sugar (0.74 fewer grams), sodium (9.8 fewer milligrams) and cholesterol (0.88 fewer grams) intake. That may not seem like much, but consider the results if drinking an extra glass or two a day: up to 200 fewer calories, 18 fewer grams of sugar, 230 fewer milligrams of sodium and 20 fewer grams of cholesterol.

water - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark What's the big deal, you say? From a health perspective, it's extra calories that eventually lead to weight gain. Excess sugar intake can lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes, while too much sodium can elevate blood pressure. And excess cholesterol can impact blood pressure and contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Not getting enough water – or getting plenty, but the wrong kind? (We're talking about flavored waters that are often bursting with natural and/or artificial sugars.) Go back to basics and make sure you're drinking enough water every day. Your body will thank you for it.