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March, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 03)
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How to Lower Your Child's IQ

By Editorial Staff

Most articles, advice columns and research focus on how to raise your child's IQ, but it's time to switch things up. Why? Because research suggests pregnant women may be impacting their children's IQ in a negative fashion without even knowing it. Interested? It's time for a primer on fluoride and why you need to watch out for it while you're carrying your child.

What's Fluoride?  Most people recognize fluoride because they know it helps prevent cavities, which is why it's commonly found in toothpaste. However, you'll also find fluoride in cleaning agents, pesticides, steel and aluminum products ... and has been added to public water supplies in many communities (water fluoridation) to help prevent tooth decay.

child - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Why Is It Dangerous During Pregnancy? According to new research in JAMA Pediatrics, children whose mothers were exposed to fluoride (via fluoridated water) during pregnancy scored lower on IQ tests at ages 3-4 years compared to mothers not exposed to fluoride. Specifically, a 1-mg higher intake per day of fluoride during pregnancy translated to a 3.66-point lower IQ score in both boys and girls when tested at ages 3-4.

The authors conclude: "Fluoride exposure during pregnancy may be associated with adverse effects on child intellectual development, indicating the possible need to reduce fluoride intake during pregnancy."