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Breastfeeding is Good for the Baby

Many studies have shown the multiple benefits of breastfeeding, but a new study in the May issue of Pediatrics reveals that breastfeeding is also linked to decreased infant mortality.

Researchers studied the health records of U.S. infants, including 1,204 infants who died between 28 days and 1 year of age whose causes of death were not linked to congenital anomalies or cancer, and 7,740 children who were alive at the age of 1.

Results: Breastfed infants were 20 percent less likely to die within their first year than those not breastfed; researchers also noted that the risk of death continued to decrease the longer the infants were breastfed, and that "promoting breastfeeding has the potential to save or delay 720 postneonatal deaths in the United States each year."

Of course, this is just one benefit of breastfeeding your baby. Studies have shown that breastfeeding enhances the immune system and aids in protecting baby from infection, allergies and developmental problems. Additionally, breastfeeding has been linked to a decrease of breast cancer in women.


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