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Fewer Migraines With Feverfew

According to previously published studies, up to 28 million Americans suffer at least one migraine headache each year; 25 percent of people with migraines suffer at least one per week. Various over-the-counter medications have been implemented over the years to treat migraines, but they are not always effective, and sometimes produce unwanted side-effects. New research suggests that an extract of feverfew, a popular herbal remedy, may help reduce the frequency of migraines safely and effectively.

In this randomized, controlled study, 170 migraine patients were divided into two groups. One group took a feverfew extract three times per day for 16 weeks; the other group took a placebo. Patients who took the feverfew extract experienced an average of 1.9 fewer migraines per month, whereas patients given the placebo experienced a decrease of only 1.3 migraines per month. Interestingly, more patients in the placebo group reported suffering possible medication-related adverse side-effects compared to those given the active herbal extract.

Migraines may be triggered by myriad causes - some physical, some environmental, and some psychological. If you suffer from migraines, speak with your doctor of chiropractic to see if he or she can help determine the cause of your condition and provide relief from the pain. For more information, visit

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