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April, 2011 (Vol. 05, Issue 04)
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Take the Whiplash Quiz!

While most people are familiar with the term whiplash and generally know that it's primarily a consequence of motorvehicle accidents, you may be surprised to learn how easily a whiplash injury can occur and how severe the consequences can be. Take this short quiz and then check your answers.

Question 1: Most (80 percent) of whiplash injuries occur with a vehicle collision speed (range) of only:

A 1-5 mph
B 6-12 mph
C 10-25 mph
D 15-30 mph

Question 2: According to early human crash testing (conducted at UCLA) that simulated real-world rear-impact collisions, how does the human head respond to a crash compared to the vehicle?

A The volunteer's head was subjected to 2 1/2 times the acceleration of the vehicle.
B The volunteer's head was subjected to about 1/2 the acceleration of the vehicle.
C The volunteer's acceleration was roughly equivalent to stepping off a curb.
D In low-speed collisions (under 8 mph), no acceleration of the human head can be measured.

Question 3: Regarding the outcome of whiplash injuries, which of the following statements is most accurate?

A The vast majority of whiplash injuries resolve in about six weeks.
B The vast majority of whiplash injuries resolve in 6-12 weeks.
C About 25-50 percent of whiplash injuries fail to resolve completely.
D Whiplash injuries rarely resolve completely.

Question 4: Of the following variables, which is considered to be a risk factor for poor outcome in whiplash trauma?

A Female gender.
B Advanced age.
C Nonawareness of impending impact.
D All the above have been shown to be risk factors for poor outcome.

Source: Croft A. "Whiplash Quiz: Test Your Knowledge." Dynamic Chiropractic, Aug. 11, 1997 (

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