To Your Health
January, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 01)
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3 Rules to Improve Your Life

By Editorial Staff

Desperate for solutions to your perpetual "life problem"? Life can feel like a constant struggle, even on the best of days, which can take a major toll on your emotional and physical health over time.

What to do? For starters, follow these three simple rules and we'll bet your outlook on life will get better, day by day:

Rule #1: Get in the Game: Overweight, bored or just feeling as if life's passing you by? Then get in the game? Whether it's learning a new skill, picking up a hobby, joining a recreational sport or just getting off the couch, take control of your life; don't let it continue to control you.

Rule #2: Forget About It: Steaming about the minivan that cut you off, the landlord that raised your rent or the kids who don't seem to stay calm? Let it all go and feel the immediate, soothing benefits of a low-stress existence. Stress can kill, but even if it only hurts, it's not worth occupying your time. So take a walk, talk to a friend or deal with it some other way. (You may even find your low-stress attitude taken up by your kids.)

Rule #3: Good In = Good Out: You've heard this one before, but it bears repeating. Whether it's food, exercise, sleep or anything else, strive for a positive ratio of good to bad and you'll see the positive results. Don't exercise? Don't eat right? Don't get restorative sleep? You'll pay the steep price.

And there you have it: Three rules to improve your life. Want more rules / tips to make a difference? Click here. Talk to your doctor for more advice on how to improve your health and life, one day at a time.