To Your Health
March, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 03)
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Rely on the Power of Suggestion

By Editorial Staff

Searching for motivation to help you stick to that diet / exercise / life program you're craving? Do it by putting these and other positive suggestions in your daily path:

  • There's Always Time: It's 9:30 and you've just put the kids to bed – too late to work out, right? No way! People who work out consistently find time to do it, no matter what – don't dare think otherwise. You can find the time, too, although sometimes you'll need to be creative, sometimes you'll need to plan it in advance, and sometimes you'll need to fight through the urge to lie back on your bed and mail it in for the evening.
  • A Little Is All I Need: This applies to consistent exercise, of course (see above), but let's focus on our eating habits. Not only do smaller meals, particularly ones chock full of complex carbs and vegetables, fill you up quicker and longer than the processed, fast-food variety; when it comes to the inevitable treat, it's important to enjoy a little of your favorites, but not overindulge and set you on course for diet destruction.
  • Real Is Better Than Recorded: In many ways, the TV (and computer, and cellphone, and tablet) has become our mortal enemy when it comes to health and wellness. Many people have become so comfortable with the routine of watching television, searching the Internet or interacting on social media, they forget life is so much more than that. So when faced with the choice of spending hours engaged with technology or doing what you told yourself you should be doing (exercising, relaxing, preparing healthy meals, etc.), remind yourself that your "real" life (the one outside of that little screen) is much more important.
  • Help Is Never Far Away: Whether you're trying to lose weight, become more fit, eat healthier or just get a better night's sleep, ultimately you need to motivate yourself. But that doesn't mean help can't be right around the corner, whether at home or a bit farther away. Recruit family, friends and loved ones to help keep you on course throughout this wonderful journey to lifelong health and wellness; not only will it benefit you – they may find themselves joining you on rewarding journeys of their own.