To Your Health
June, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 06)
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Sweating Through Summer: How to Work Out the Right Way

By Editorial Staff

Summer's right around the corner, bringing ample opportunity to get into great (or even better) shape without even trying. After all, a full day at the beach, park, pool or lake can burn hundreds to thousands of calories while toning and tightening every muscle in your body, depending on the activities you pursue.

That said, summer calls for special considerations to ensure you stay safe and productive while you're working out. Here are some great tips to help you work out the right way this summer.

1. The Sun Is Your Enemy: As we discuss in another article in this issue, sunscreens are a necessary protection against sun damage, but they don't always live up to their claims. Of course, that doesn't mean you should avoid sunscreen during your summer workouts. Make sure you select a reliable brand that offers sweat protection and works well during athletic activities. But don't rely exclusively on sunscreen: wear a hat, breathable clothing with built-in SPF protection, and work out early or late to minimize exposure to extreme heat and sunlight.

2. You Can't Get Enough Water: Actually, consuming ridiculous amounts of water can be dangerous, but when it comes to avoiding dehydration, which can be just as dangerous, water is your definite friend. When you're working out in the summer heat, make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after your workouts to stay hydrated. Mixing in a sports beverage with electrolytes will help replenish lost minerals and give you an added boost as well.

workout - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark 3. Clothes Make the Man: Or woman, or child, and for all three groups, the right clothing can make a big difference when you're exercising, particularly during the summer. As mentioned, heat and sun are your big nemeses during the summer months, so make sure you're wearing the proper clothing that keeps your body light and cool. Most athletic brands these days offer fabric options with "wickability," preventing moisture buildup and keeping you cool even when you're feeling the heat.

4. Make It Fun: Summer is the perfect time to get out of the gym and your normal exercise routine. In fact, a long day outdoors doing the activities you love can burn more calories and build more lean muscle – and you won't even realize you're exercising because you're having so much fun! So don't just spend all year preparing your body for summer; take your body to a whole new level now that summer's here by working out the right way.