To Your Health
August, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 08)
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Time to Make Time

By Editorial Staff

We've only got 24 hours in a day and we're all well-aware that eventually, we've got to sleep. But how we fill those hours in between seems to have become an increasingly hectic, stressful, overwhelming time frame that often leaves us wondering, "Where'd the time go?" or "I just wish I had a little more time!"

Well, you can't generate more hours in the day, but you can come up with strategies to accomplish two valuable things: 1) Save time; and 2) Spend a little time on yourself. Check out these tips for doing both:

Save Time Tip #1: Create a To-Do List. Sometimes it seems as if we spend more time figuring out what to do next, trying desperately to remember what to do next, or getting frustrated that we did things in the wrong order than anything else. Fix this fast with a simple To-Do List that prioritizes your daily responsibilities and absolves you of the need to remember everything. A To-Do List, properly organized, also lets you group task based on similarity, location, etc. For example, why drive to point A and then to point C when point B is closer to point A? Make a cohesive, well-thought-out To-Do List and watch your saved time add up.

Make Time Tip #1: Build in Breaks. You may think you don't have any time to spare, but as they say, if you don't make time to stay healthy now, you'll have to make time to treat the disease later. So build in set breaks into your routine, no matter how hectic it is. Working at a desk all day? Take a walk from one end of the office to the other and back every hour, or just stand up and do 5 minutes' worth of stretches without staring at your ever-present computer screen. Even better, get outside and rejuvenate yourself with a little warm sun, fresh air and a relaxing 5-minute stroll.

Save Time Tip #2: Battle Backlog and Buildup. House cleaning is the ideal example here, although this suggestion can relate to just about any area of your life. You might think it takes too much time to clean your entire house every few weeks, but trust us, it will consume considerably more time and energy, and cause significantly more frustration, if you only do it every few months. Keeping your life "clean" by getting things done in a timely fashion reduces backlog, clutter, buildup and all the negatives that come with it. When it comes to saving time, regular maintenance is the key.

Make Time Tip #2: Let It Go. We spend more time worrying about what we can't control – it can drive anyone to the verge of madness. One of the best ways to make more time in your day is to stop obsessing over the little things, particularly things you can't control. We also lose time by thinking about what we should do instead of doing it. Think about how much time you're spending having internal conversations about the next-door neighbors' late-night noise habits, for example. Why not address the situation with a friendly knock on their door to discuss the issue? Chances are you'll leave the encounter feeling great and (unless they balk at your suggestions) gain energy, peace of mind and most importantly, time.