To Your Health
January, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 01)
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Cured Meats: No Cure for Asthma

By Editorial Staff

Bacon, bacon and more bacon – healthy cuisine may be trending, but that hasn't seemed to dampen the popularity of bacon and other cured meats. The problem, suggests research, is that regular consumption of cured meats such as bacon, pepperoni, ham and pastrami can make asthma symptoms worse.

And it doesn't take much, particular if cured meats are a near-daily part of your diet: According to the study, asthma sufferers who ate four or more servings of cured meats per week were a whopping 76 percent more likely to experience a worsening of their symptoms compared to asthmatics who consumed less than one serving of cured meats weekly. (To put it in perspective, a serving of bacon is a mere two slices.)

So, if you suffer from asthma and also love cured meats, something has to give. We trust you'll make the choice that's best for your health.

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