To Your Health
March, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 03)
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It's OK to Eat Eggs

By Editorial Staff

Confused about whether eating eggs is a good or bad thing when it comes to your heart health? After all, eggs are a rich source of essential nutrients; but they're also a source of cholesterol, too much of which can clog your arteries and increase heart attack / stroke risk.

You're definitely not alone in the confusion over whether eggs are beneficial or dangerous, but new research may provide the clarification you and millions of other egg lovers have been waiting for. A multinational study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that after excluding people who already had a history of cardiovascular disease, higher weekly egg consumption (seven or more eggs vs. less than one egg) did not have a significant impact on blood lipids, major cardiovascular disease events or total mortality.

The moral to the story: It's OK to eat eggs! Unless that's all you eat, of course. Your doctor can help you develop a balanced, sensible, heart-healthy diet to maximize your health and wellness.