To Your Health
November, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 11)
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Are You Eating Your Way to Acne?

By Editorial Staff

Many adults hold the misconception that acne is only a teen burden - at least until they're proven otherwise. Once an adult wakes up to a pimple square in the middle of their forehead on the day they're due to deliver a big presentation at work, they understand that acne can strike anyone at any time.

But that doesn't mean you can't do things to reduce the likelihood acne will spoil your day. While an ever-growing line of creams, pads, gels and high-tech products are available to battle acne once it's arrived on scene, why not prevent it before it even starts? Enter your diet, which could be causing your acne to pop up (pun intended) at all the wrong moments.

Research implicates specific foods as acne triggers, even in adults. The culprits: fatty and sugary foods, sugary beverages and milk. Findings come from a long-term study involving nearly 25,000 adults who were categorized according to their acne status: never acne, past acne or current acne and evaluated according to their dietary habits to assess the potential connection between what they ate and their acne. Consumption of fatty / sugary foods appeared to be the most significant influence on acne, according to research findings.

Fatty and sugary foods, sugary beverages and milk - don't even get us started on the health woes these food categories can cause. If you aren't willing to limit these foods for your skin health, do it for all the other health reasons, namely the health problems you can help prevent: obesity, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, tooth decay, GI problems and more.