To Your Health
June, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 06)
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4 Musts for Summer Wellness

By Editorial Staff

Summer is here and so is the end of pandemic restrictions for an increasing percentage of the U.S. population (fingers crossed). Are you ready to enjoy life to the fullest again? Don't forget about these four essential elements of a healthy summer.


Eat Like You Mean It : And by mean it, we mean healthy. Don't let those long hours outside lead to skipped meals or even worse, poor food choices. If you're local, prepare healthy snacks and check in at home for a balanced meal before continuing your sunny day. If you're on vacation, do you research so you know what's available in terms of restaurant choices, particularly health-oriented ones. Otherwise, you'll end up pulling into a drive through - which as we all know, is rarely a smart choice when it comes to eating right.

2. Don't Go All Out, Every Day: It's easy to get exercise during the summer months, but don't overdo it. Be aware of new activities that will cause next-day pain, and schedule R&R into every day / week to balance things and avoid injury. If you think you can spend 12 hours at the beach or park without challenging muscles you never thought you had, think again. You'll learn the harsh reality the next day.

3. Summer Can Still Be Stressful: Finally going on vacation after month after month of lockdown? Make it fun, not frantic. Do you research, make a schedule, and again, schedule plenty of R&R. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is the best time you'll ever spend, especially if your "normal" life at home is a multitasking nightmare.

4. Always Put Safety First: Avoiding dehydration, minimizing sun exposure (especially during the most dangerous part of the day – not with lotion, but also with proper clothing and protection) and getting enough sleep - that's smart advice all year round, but no more so than during the summer months. You'll end up with a summer to regret, not remember if your health takes a beating when you should be enjoying every minute of every day.

Wellness is an attitude, not a word; it's a dedication to living your best life in the most natural, rewarding, health-optimizing way possible. This summer, start with these four wellness tips and see where your journey takes you!