To Your Health
May, 2023 (Vol. 17, Issue 05)
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Cranberries for UTI

By Editorial Staff

Ever heard that cranberry products can help prevent urinary tract infections? It's not just a wives' tale or ancient practice; research supports the value of cranberries in preventing this common, frustrating condition. Case in point: a new global review study that evaluated 50 recent studies involving more than 9,000 participants.

Published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, this study determined that cranberry products reduce the risk of symptomatic, culture-verified urinary tract infections in women with recurrent UTIs, children, and people with susceptibility to UTIs because of an intervention. The researchers point out that compared to antibiotics, cranberry products may make "little or no difference" in the risk of UTIs – but wouldn't you rather take a safe, natural cranberry product instead of an antibiotic, which has numerous potential side effects and can lead to antibiotic resistance with overuse?

Cranberries for UTI - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Keep in mind that while some women are more susceptible to UTIs than others, there are definite factors that can reduce your risk, including drinking plenty of water, not delaying urination if you need to pee, urinating immediately after sexual activity, and proper bathroom habits (wiping front to back). Your doctor can tell you more about the value of cranberries and other strategies to prevent the pain and discomfort of UTIs. The take-home message: more natural prevention, fewer antibiotics.