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February, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 02)
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Spinal Disc Damage

By Editorial Staff

Diabetes affects nearly 40 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with 90-95% suffering from type 2 diabetes. The good news: type 2 is frequently manageable – and even reversible – with lifestyle changes, since poor lifestyle habits (poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.) are often what lead to the condition manifesting in the first place.

The bad news for type 2 diabetes sufferers who can't escape their condition, unfortunately, is a risk of complications including eye and foot problems, kidney issues, and even heart attack / stroke. Another potential complication: spinal disc damage, as illustrated by new research.

Spinal Disc Damage - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Researchers have found that type 2 diabetes makes spinal discs stiffer and changes their shape sooner than normally occurs as part of the aging process. These premature changes can lead to low back pain and disc-related issues, including spinal degeneration.

While your doctor of chiropractic can certainly help address low back pain and any other spinal issues you may be experiencing due to type 2 diabetes, you're better off keeping your spine as healthy as possible by avoiding type 2 diabetes and the disc damage it can cause. Ask your doctor about other ways to help promote spinal health, including regular chiropractic care.