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March, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 03)
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The Power of Vocab

By Editorial Staff

While we've presented several studies over the years emphasizing the potential negative effects of excessive screen time on children and adults, research also suggests that technology can be positive when used in moderation – and if the exposure is appropriate for age and learning potential. Case in point: a study that found word learning and vocabulary size using certain media is effective.

The research review looked at prior studies on media use in early childhood (0-6 years) and its association with word learning and vocabulary size. Among 63 studies analyzed, a small overall positive association was noted, with stronger effects for e-books than TV/video or games/apps – and no significant positive effect for video chat use.

Unless you plan on banning screen time outright, at least make it as productive as possible, particularly when it comes to cultivating your young child's vocabulary. After all, research links early-age vocabulary size with not only better academic outcomes, but also reduced anxiety-related behaviors such as worrying and shyness. Google "free e-books for young kids" to access various resources to help your child spend screen time building their imagination and vocabulary.

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