To Your Health
April, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 04)
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The Power of Awe

By Editorial Staff

The health benefits of walking are undeniable, supported by an increasing body of research. But don't just walk – enjoy walking. Tap into the power of awe while walking to reap even greater health benefits. Let's see what a new study says about the power of awe and your health, particularly as you get older.

Researchers conducted an eight-week study in which participants ages 75 and older were divided into two groups for comparison. One group walked once a week. The second group also walked at the same frequency – but were advised by the researchers to walk somewhere that would inspire awe; somewhere where the walkers could look around at things, feel a sense of wonder, etc. – noticing a new flower in bloom, a sunset, etc. It was that simple.

The Power of Awe - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Compared to the group that just walked, members of the group that also sought out moments of awe during their walks felt less pain and distress – two common experiences for many people as they get older. The power of awe in action.

The moral to the study / story: find moments of awe in your life. The more, the better, and you don't need to limit it to walking. Seek out awe as often as possible and feel the impact it can have on your health – and life in general.