To Your Health
January, 2008 (Vol. 02, Issue 01)
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Meditate Your Stress Away

By Editorial Staff

We all experience various levels of stress. From traffic jams to unruly bosses to caring for the everyday needs of our families, stress has become an extension of our daily lives. People find many different ways to deal with their stress from retail therapy to medication to actual therapy, but a recent study suggests just 20 minutes of meditation for five days will significantly diminish anxiety and stress by reducing the amount of stress hormones released into the body.

How to Get Started

First, pay close attention to your breathing. This will help to clear your mind of the thoughts of the day that tend to invade our brains when trying to relax. As you get better at focusing on your breathing, eventually you will think of nothing and a sense of calmness, peace and serenity will develop. The following are some helpful hints as you start your meditative journey:

  • Find a quiet room with little or no distractions.
  • Allow an appropriate amount of time for meditation. Anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes is ideal.
  • Begin to focus on your breathing, clearing your mind, and being open to the emotional impact that could occur.
Woman sitting crosslegged and meditating. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark What to Expect

As you begin to develop a meditation routine, different and sometimes unexpected emotions might emerge. Whether joy or sorrow, don't be afraid to let your emotions out. You also might discover that you have more energy and less fatigue throughout the day. As this habit becomes a natural part of your life, you'll see how differently you will begin to view situations that used to stress you out or push you over your emotional limit.

So the next time your blood pressure starts to rise, take a deep breath and focus. The world, and especially your corner of it, will be a happier place.