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To Your Health Archives -
October, 2013 (Vol. 07, Issue 10)

Protect Your Heart With Exercise
Grains: Friend or Foe?
  By Sarica Cernohous, LAc, MSTOM, BSBA
A Modern View on Traditional Diets
  By Marlene Merritt, DOM, LAc, ACN
Beware: Cold Season is Back!
  By Julie T. Chen, MD
Stress-Free School Year (for You and Your Children)
  By Editorial Staff
The Power of Vitamin K
  By James P. Meschino, DC, MS
Healthy Snacks Leads To Healthy Eating
  By Julie T. Chen, MD
A Spoonful of Cinnamon Goes A Long Way
Beating Breast Cancer One Step at a Time
Make Your Body Stronger As You Age
Treat Your Brain Like a Muscle: Exercise It
  By Editorial Staff
Antibiotic Use in Infancy Leads to Weight Gain?
  By Editorial Staff