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Did You Know?

Scare Tactics, Not Science
Resist Anxiety With Exercise
Death by Antidepressants
Can't Stomach Cancer? Eat More Nuts
Don't Make Low Back Pain Worse
Teen Weight: A Big Risk for Colon Cancer
Knee Osteoarthritis: Steroid Injections Aren't the Answer
Senior Health: Don't Forget the Feet
Antidepressants: A Real Downer for Alzheimer Patients?
Our Salt Intake Could Kill Us
Aspirin: Not Safe for Some Seniors
Can't Shed the Weight? Stress Could Be the Culprit
Exercise for Cancer Fatigue
A Diet to Prevent Breast Cancer
Cancer Prevention: Watch Your Weight
5 Healthy Teas and Why They Are Good for You
Depression: Not Just for New Moms
Healthy Brain: Mind Over Matter
Skipping Breakfast: Bad for the Heart
How to Avoid Fitness Failures
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